Are you a healer, lightworker or conscious leader on a mission to raise the collective consciousness, expand your business, and lead with your soul's purpose?

🌟 Transform Your Life and Business Through Energetic Alignment 🌟


Next Round starts June 17

Simple System to Manifest Your Dreams

Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a step-by-step process for manifesting your heart's desires.

Greater Confidence & Trust

Embrace unwavering confidence in yourself and your intuition, allowing you to make aligned decisions and take inspired action.

Deeper Connections

Cultivate a profound connection with yourself and others, paving the way for business expansion as you attract your dream clients.


Watch this short video to see the power of a productive team in action!

🧘‍♀️ Daily Alignment Practice

Dive into daily rituals that include journaling, meditation, and energy management to keep you centered, grounded and in the energy to be a powerful, deliberate manifestor.

🌌 VIRTUAL Community Gatherings

Join our tribe of like-minded, conscious leaders three times a week to connect, share, and grow together. These gatherings are here to support and hold you accountable to your dreams.

🚀 Raise Your Consciousness

Elevate your awareness and lead with your soul's wisdom, transforming your mission-driven business. Gain a deeper understanding of astrology and its power to transform your business.

"Thank you, Danie! You have been such a blessing. I feel like a totally different person."

Natalie N.

What People are Saying...

"Danie is a gem! She guided me to understand my inner dialogue and how its been the barrier to my success. You can feel how much she cares for your transformation."

Maya C.

"This was totally what I needed and didn't even know. I am a powerful manifestor!"

Sarah Z.

Join the sacred container and step into alignment and thrive this season!

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