New Moon

Intention Setting Circle

Curious what this New Moon has in store for you? Wanna learn how to set powerful intentions to MANIFEST your dreams?

Register for our monthly class that is happening online and in-person (San Marcos, TX).

Limited Space Available

Join Intuitive Astrologer, Danie C. Muniz, as we discover what this New Moon energy is calling for you to explore this cycle so that you can work with the Natural Rhythms of Mother Nature. It's time to understand and work with the energy as you connect your emotional energy, actions, desires and manifestations with The Moon. All her to guide your Soul!

In this workshop we will:

  • Begin with a grounding meditation to prepare our hearts, mind and body

  • Discover the New Moon Energy and how best to use it for personal & spiritual growth

  • Set powerful intentions for what we wish to manifest with this lunar cycle

  • Close with a healing and activation to seal our intentions

Please bring:

  • Notebook & pen

  • White or Orange Candle

  • Water

  • Essential Oils (list to be provided)

Class materials provided:

  • Zodiacal Season Calendar

Reserve your seat at the Circle today.

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